High-Quality Stainless Steel Products.
Made in Thailand.


VRH began in 1972 as a made-to-order shop for all kinds of steel product under the name of ?Viroj Lohakij?. During this time, the company had a 3-story commercial building for its business in Bukkalao Sub-District, Thailand. As the company continued to grow and improve, it eventually focused on making only stainless steel products. Products made are anti-rust, durable, long-lasting, and have distinguished designs.

The quality of its products, for VRH, is essential; therefore, all production and process are being monitored. Raw materials are even put through a series of sophisticated quality inspections for the finished product to pass the required standard. Due to this, VRH has gained local and international recognition as a world-class stainless steel product manufacturer with 50 years of expertise.

Pioneer in the production of stainless steel fittings makes VRH one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steel products not just in quality, but also in design.